County half-marathon Kalnik-Križevci

The Association of Sports Associations Križevci and AK Križevci under the auspices of Koprivnica-Križevci County, the City of Križevci and the Municipality of Kalnik, organizes the 12th COUNTY HALF MARATHON “KALNIK – KRIŽEVCI ’21 – KTC” which will be held on Saturday, September 11, 2021, with at the start of the race at 16:00, from Stjepan Radić Square in Kalnik.

The length of the half marathon is 21.1 km / 5 refreshment stations

CATEGORIES : Men: MU 23 (up to 23 years), MS (24-34 years), M 35 (35-39 years), M 40 (40-44 years), M 45 (45-49 years), M 50 (50-54 years), M 55 (55-59 years), M 60 (61-64 years), M 65 (65-69 years), M 70 (70 and more) Women: ŽU 23 (up to 23 years old), ŽS (24-34 years old), Ž 35 (35-39 years old), Ž 40 (40-44 years old), Ž 45 (45-49 years old), F 50 (50-54 years), F 55 (55 and more)

PRIZES for the overall placement in the race: Category men: Category women: 1st place HRK 1,200.00 1st place HRK 1,200.00 2nd place HRK 900.00 2nd place HRK 900.00 3rd place HRK 600.00 3rd place HRK 600.00 4th place HRK 300.00 4th place HRK 300.00 AWARDS for the best Croatian runners: Category men: Category women: 1st place HRK 800.00 1st place HRK 800.00 2nd place HRK 500.00 2nd place HRK 500.00 3rd place HRK 300.00 3rd place HRK 300.00 4.-10. place 200.00 kuna 4.-10. place 200.00 kuna

Media sponsors: Sportske novosti, Radio Križevci, Sportska TV – Sport on Sundays, Benkovit,,,

Entries for the race of the 12th COUNTY HALF MARATHON “KALNIK-KRIŽEVCI KTC ’21” will be CLOSED until September 1, 2021.

Registration fee for participants is 100.00 kn

Payments to: ATHLETICS CLUB KRIŽEVCI, IBAN HR8923600001101515442, Description of payment – registration fee for: name and surname of the runner


Registration for the race is complete by paying the registration fee, and by filling out the registration for the race, a statement of release from the responsibility of the race organizers is accepted.

All competitors who register and pay the entry fee by September 1, 2021. year, the starter pack is provided! (number, T-shirt, finishing medal and lunch and drink voucher).

Applications:, information:, mobile: +385 91 510 86 97

Date of the event

11 September 2021.


Kalnik - Križevci

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