Seoski turizam Rakić

Čabraji 25, 48264 Vojakovački Kloštar

Jasmina Rakić Horvat Mob: 098 578 6320

The property is located in the small village of Cabraji, decorated in the traditional style of old peasant households. It offers sightseeing, cycling, pony riding, ethno-collection tours, a demonstration of the mill and loom. The restaurant offers a rich selection of local dishes according to an old recipe. From the accommodation capacity there is one double and one triple apartment and three double rooms.

Obiteljsko izletište Novak

Ideal place for day trips in nature. As part of the resort there are three beautiful lakes, a football field, a children’s park, a bowling alley, a badminton court, a hanging bowling alley, paths for walking through the forest and sightseeing of domestic animals in a small zoo. The restaurant with 400 seats offers a rich gastronomic offer.

Adresa: Cepidlak 82, 48213 Cepidlak

Tel: +385 48 859 045, Mob: +385 99 333 2618

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