The rich tradition of horse breeding is related to the history of agricultural education in the town of Križevci and its surroundings. Numerous equestrian clubs in the city offer riding schools, therapeutic and recreational riding on the riding arena and in nature.

If you are visiting Križevci, it is definitely worth visiting the arranged riding arena on Ratarna. If you are a horse lover, you will be surprised by well-groomed horses, a beautiful trail and the possibility of riding the slopes of Kalnik. If you have never been acquainted with horseback riding before, this is an ideal opportunity to try and take advantage of an exceptional opportunity to join the organized riding school and your loved ones.

Akademski konjički klub Križevci, Ratarna 28, Križevci, telefon +385 98 388 977

Imanje Plavec, Sveti Petar Orehovec, Marko Plavec, telefon +385 98 165 8067

Plavec family from Sveti Petar Orehovac has been breeding horses for decades. Today offering horseback riding in the beautiful nature of Sveti Petar Orehovac and its surroundings, as well as a riding school for all ages.

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