The Tourist Board of the town of Križevci, aware of the importance of beekeeping and bees as pollinators for the sustainability of our town, is planning a new project – Honey paths of Prigorje in 2021.

Honey paths of Prigorje is a project designed as a trail with specific content, where visitors learn about the importance of bees for our survival, food security and the importance of honey in our daily diet, as well as the tradition of beekeeping in the city.

Most of the total area of the town of Križevci is a rural area with a large number of family farms, and the town places great emphasis on sustainable development. The trail will include a wide variety of participants from educational and cultural institutions, to health facilities, business companies, NGOs and, of course, beekeepers.

OPG Videković Stjepan, Ulica Branitelja Hrvatske 41, Križevci, +385 48 712 104

Veterinarska stanica Križevci, Potočka 34, Križevci, +385 95 480 0014

OPG Jašarović Saša, Krunoslava Heruca 37, Križevci, +385 99 750 1590

OPG Petrus Tomislav, Poljana Križevačka 88, Križevci, +385 91 252 7345

OPG Gajski Mirjana, Vrbovečka 30, Križevci, +385 91 738 4488

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