Križevci and Kalničko gorje are a lure for mountaineers from all parts of Croatia and the world. Numerous well-marked hiking trails and paths, the mountain lodge on Kalnik will satisfy all categories of mountaineers and recreationists.

Mountain lodge Kalnik is located in the immediate vicinity of the Old Town and the Veliki Kalnik fortress, where numerous hiking trails are starting. The offer is exclusively local food and specialties of the area.

Educational trail on Kalnik starts and ends at the Mountain Lodge on Kalnik. The educational trail visits the most beautiful parts of Kalnik nature, shows numerous endemic and rare species of plants, the remains of the medieval church of St. Martin with a votive stone, an archeological site from the Bronze Age, etc.

Hiking trail “Seven Teeth” starts at the Mountain Lodge on Kalnik. It passes through the rocky peaks of Kalnik from the Old Town of Veliki Kalnik to the highest peak of Kalnik.

Hiking trail “Kalnička greda” starts at the Vratno gorge in Kamešnica. It passes along the tops of Kalnička greda, ends at the Old Town of Veliki Kalnik, well marked.

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