The rich hunting grounds in the area of ​​the town of Križevci and the surrounding municipalities are a lure for hunters interested in the tourist shooting of small and large game.

KTC Hunting Tourism, Nikole Tesle 18, Križevci,

Organizes individual hunting of red deer (hind, calf), roe deer (roe deer, flax) and wild boar (boar, gilt, pig). Also organizing a lump sum hunt for wild boar (of at least 10 hunters), with an advance payment. The flat rate includes shooting, wounding, misses, hunting organization, hunting companions, drivers and hunting dogs.

Possibility of selling game and other hunting services – bus rental, carriage, tour of the hunting ground by carriage, off-road vehicle rental, tractor hunting, camera shooting with a guide, sightseeing of the checkpoint, hunting companion, driver, hunting dog … After the hunt organizing a hunting lunch in the hunting lodge.

A pleasant atmosphere is guaranteed!

Hunting Society Sveti Hubert, Trg Antuna Nemčića 8/1, Križevci, +385 48 711 276

In the area of ​​the town of Križevci, the Hunting Society “St. Hubert ”, tenant of the open hunting ground VI/101 Križevci, with an area of ​​over 77,000 hectares that covers the areas of Kalnik, Gornja Rijeka, Sv. Petar Orehovec and Sv. Ivan Žabno and the town of Križevci.

The society has 13 hunting units-groups, and each owns a hunting lodge: “Lještarka” Mali Kalnik, “Košuta-prigorje” Gornja Rijeka, “Kalnik” Sveti Petar Orehovec, “Srna” Gregurovec, “Šljuka” Raven, “Fran Kesterčanek” Križevci , “Golub” Veliki Potočec, “Jelen” Marinovec, “Vepar” Carevdar, “Zec” Bukovje, “Golub” Sveti Ivan Žabno, “Srnjak” Sveti Petar Čvrstec, “Fazan” Ruševac. Part of the allowed shooting is on offer for tourist shooting (pheasant, rabbit, roe deer, wild boar). It is also possible to offer hunting of wild ducks and quails.


Two large lakes, Čabraji and Ravenska Kapela in the vicinity of Križevci, spread over 20 hectares and offer a large selection of fish that can satisfy both passionate fishermen and recreationists.

Lake Čabraji is located about 10 km northeast of Križevci. It was created about 30 years ago as a retention of rainwater. On the first day, the lake is managed by ŠRK Križevci. The lake has an area of ​​8 ha, an average depth of about 1.5 m with the deepest part at the outlet of the lake at about 3.5 m. It is surrounded by forest on 3 sides so the atmosphere is outstanding, and the water quality is such because the lake is fed from streams and springs located in the forest. The lake is rich in small white fish, white, yellow-eyed and red-feathered, and babushka, which is the average size of a palm. Of the noble fish, the lake is home to a large number of large carp, grass carp, silver carp, catfish and perch. Catfish move naturally in the lake.

Lake Ravenska Kapela is located in the southwestern part of Koprivnica-Križevci County 2km in the village of Ravenska Kapela, 2km west of the village of Gregurovec. The lake is managed by ŠRK Križevci. The surface of the lake is about 12 ha, it stretches from east to west and is elliptical in shape. It was excavated for the needs of sport fishing in the vicinity of Križevci. The average depth is 2 to 3 meters, while in its deepest part the lake is about 7 meters deep. The water temperature in summer can reach 25 C, while in winter the surface of the lake freezes. The shore of the lake is arranged and the east shore can be reached by car. It is stocked every year in early spring and then the carp hunting season is 2 weeks. The lake is inhabited by pike, perch, all possible white fish in all sizes and carp, grass carp and catfish. A catfish of 230 cm and 63 kg was caught in 2013. Also, there are capital carp 10+ and grass carp 15+ kg in the lake.

Športsko ribolovni klub Križevci, Tvrtko Krešić, 098 339 729

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