Trail 1 – Orienteering tour of the most important places in the city without entering museums and churches

Visiting the Lower and Upper Town

The trail starts next to the monument to Antun Nemčić on the square of the same name and continues with a visit to the church of St. Ana. Not far from the church, it heads towards the City Museum (formerly the Karas house), the oldest preserved civic building in Križevci. An art gallery or Sabornica was built in the area next to the former southern city gate. The trail continues towards the Concathedral Church of the Holy Cross, which stands as a witness to the most significant turmoil of this city and its surroundings, and therefore, of all the famous buildings in the city, it is most implanted in the memory of its inhabitants. The walk continues along Ivana Zakmardi Dijankovečki Street and passes by the former County Palace located on the east side of the street, in the very center of the city. On the way to the Greek Catholic Cathedral, you come to the intersection of Potočka Street and Ivan Zakmardija Dijankovečki Street, where the remains of the city walls from the 16th century, which separated Gornji from Donji Grad, are located. The trail ends in the Greek Catholic Cathedral with the Episcopal Palace, the seat of the Greek Catholic Diocese in Croatia. The most representative sacral building and high-value monumental complex in Križevci.

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