General provisions

The Tourist Board of the City of Križevci (hereinafter: TZKŽ) is the holder of the right to create and / or publish content and manage the website (internet portal) (hereinafter: the Website).

The person using the Website (hereinafter: the User), by using them, unconditionally agrees to the application of these Terms of Use and is considered to be able to accept these Terms of Use and understand all the risks associated with using the content published and available here.

Use of the content available on the Website (regardless of whether it is freely available to any User or restrictedly available using protected systems and information technology applications) is permitted only in the manner and under the conditions specified in these Terms of Use.

Any other use of the content available on the Website is subject to appropriate legal protection and the application of appropriate and legally permissible measures against the User and / or a third party who benefits from such use of the content available here.

Published content

Content published and available on the Website is considered to be text, graphics, trademarks, logos, photographs, phonograms, videograms and other audiovisual content, computer applications and databases as well as all other informational or technical materials, regardless of how they are displayed, published or their availability to the User.

Intellectual property rights

The content published on the Website is protected by intellectual property rights regulations, so any unauthorized use may be the basis for initiating proceedings for protection of rights against the User by TZKŽ or a third party who is an authorized copyright holder.

When publishing copyrighted content, TZKŽ will enable the display of the name of the author of the content or the copyright holder, in a way that is optimally possible to do so without higher costs or implementation of special technical solutions.

Website availability

TZKŽ cannot guarantee the availability of the Website at all times and through every type of device and browser as well as every communication link. The website may be temporarily or longer, in whole or in part inaccessible due to technical and other nature (maintenance, errors, unavailability of communication links, force majeure, decisions of public authorities, etc.) TZKŽ cannot be held responsible for any damage caused due to the unavailability of the Websites. TZKŽ can at any time make changes to the Website in any way and in any form that includes changing the visual identity, design and architecture, content management system and other application solutions related to the functioning of the Website.

The nature of the published content and the responsibility of TZKŽ

Content published and made available through this website is for informational purposes only and obtained from sources that the TZKŽ deems reliable, without any guarantee from TZKŽ, of any kind, express or implied, that it is accurate, timely, complete and / or appropriate for any a particular purpose or manner of use. The User uses the stated content exclusively at his own risk and TZKŽ cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by its use or interpretation.

The published content and information do not in any way constitute an offer or invitation to place an offer to trade or any other transaction related to the published content and information.

Manner and purpose of using the content

TZKŽ grants the User limited, non-transferable and non-exclusive permission to view, print, copy or otherwise use the content of this website, exclusively for its personal and non-commercial use or for the purpose of promoting Križevci as a tourist destination, provided that such download does not change or insults in any way (including by publishing on the website morally inappropriate content) and to indicate with the downloaded content TZKŽ as the source and the name of the author of the content.

Any other manner or purpose of using the content is permitted only with the prior written consent of TZKŽ and / or another legal copyright holder of the content, exclusively by the person to whom such consent is given and in the manner and for the purpose specified in that consent.

How to access the Website and published content

Access to the Website is provided to an unlimited number of people with appropriate computer equipment and an Internet connection. TZKŽ reserves the right to in certain cases (maintenance, errors, unavailability of communication links, force majeure, decisions of public authorities, etc.) temporarily or for a longer period, in whole or in part restrict the manner and possibility of accessing the website in part or in full, as all users as well as to an individual User or a group of Users. In any of the above cases, TZKŽ cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by restricting access to the Website and the published content.

When accessing the Website content, the User is obliged to use standard technical equipment and the usual standards and methods of access to the Website. The content published on the Website can be searched only by applying the permitted methods of information technology, in the manner and to the extent and to the extent that this is usual for a natural person of the User. Any other way of searching and / or using content that bypasses protected systems and information technology applications or uses certain applications or tools to simultaneously download a quantity of data that is not common to a natural person of the User, violates the protected right of TZKŽ, for which The user bears appropriate material, criminal or misdemeanor liability.

Third party content

The website may contain third party content such as forums, screensavers, applications, etc. that third parties may independently download or create.

TZKŽ does not guarantee that such content is completely exempt from the rights of third parties, especially in the part relating to intellectual property.

For these reasons, TZKŽ is not liable for damages that could occur to the User by using the content of third parties in any sense, regardless of whether it arises from the request of third parties or the malfunction of the downloaded content.

The right to change the content

TZKŽ reserves the right to change, cancel (temporarily and permanently) any content or service on the Website, without prior notice, and at any time and cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by such action.

Links to external content

This website also contains third party information and / or links to other Internet content. TZKŽ is in no way responsible for the content on external data sources to which links from these websites can lead, nor is it responsible or instructs on the manner and conditions of use of such content.

TZKŽ cannot guarantee the availability of external content or the proper functioning of links to it, and cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the use of or access to such content. The user is obliged to independently decide whether and how to access it through the links on this website and is independently responsible for such actions and is aware of the consequences that may arise from taking them.

Protecting privacy and collecting user data

TZKŽ respects the privacy of its Users of the Website. Data from the registration process, as well as other data on the User will not be made available to third parties, nor will they be available to third parties, except in the case when such an obligation is regulated by applicable regulations.

TZKŽ may, in accordance with the law, collect certain data on Users obtained during the use of this website. TZKŽ uses the data collected in this way primarily to improve the functionality of this website and its content in order to further direct and adapt it to users, and can also be used for other activities that include promotion of destination tourism or performing TZKŽ tasks, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • making analyzes of user habits and preferences for the purposes of market research and website optimization (including analyzes obtained through third-party tools, eg Google Analytics, etc.)
  • adaptation of the Website to new or different technical solutions or needs of the User
  • optimizing intuitiveness and easier use and access to content
  • remarketing of user requirements or retargeting of the User for the purpose of promotion of destination tourism.

For the purpose of collecting certain data on the activities or requests of the User, TZKŽ may use special small files, “cookies” (cookies) that are recorded on the User’s computer and serve to achieve a specific purpose. In accordance with the above, TZKŽ also publishes the appropriate Cookie Policy, which is published on the Website and which the User is acquainted with in an appropriate manner when accessing them for the first time. The Cookie Policy describes which types of cookies and which purposes TZKŽ uses, and directs the User to the possibility to refuse to accept the use of cookies or to accept it, thus agreeing to the manner and purpose of their use and in this case TZKŽ cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by storing and using cookies in the manner and the purpose to which the User has agreed by accepting the Cookie Policy.

The cookie policy is published separately from these Terms of Use, but forms an integral part thereof.

When accessing the Website, TZKŽ may temporarily store the IP address of the User. IP addresses may be stored and used exclusively for the purpose of monitoring the activities of the User on the Website (activity log) for the purpose of detecting violations of legal regulations or these Terms of Use, identifying illegal or other unacceptable actions. Data on IP addresses and monitoring of the User’s activities may be provided to the competent public authorities at any time in order to determine any legal liability of the User based on law. The storage of the IP address and data on the activities of the User is done temporarily, and for a maximum period of one month.

TZKŽ undertakes to, in accordance with the applicable regulations and these Terms of Use, protect the privacy of the User of this website, except in case of violation of these Terms of Use or the User’s conduct in a manner contrary to the positive regulations.

Opting out

By default, a website’s visitor search settings are tracked by Google Analytics to generate anonymous statistics that are used to improve the user experience.

Don’t follow my preferences

Don’t Follow Me is a feature that allows visitors to turn off the option for websites to track them for any purpose, including the use of analytics services, advertising networks, and social platforms. Do not follow me options are available in a number of browsers including:


Internet Explorer




  • if you enable the Do not follow me option in your browser, Google Analytics will respect your choice;
  • if you have the Do not follow me option enabled, you will not be followed. This is in addition to excluding the collection and analysis of data for the production of statistics for our website;
  • if you have not enabled the Do not follow me option, but choose to opt out, the piwik_ignore cookie will be stored in your browser. No visitor with the piwik_ignore cookie will be tracked by Google Analytics;
  • if you have disabled all cookies on your browser, we will still collect some general information about your search (e.g. the number of visitors to our site), but they will be less accurate and your visits will not be tracked (Piwik cookies are not used).

Registered users

TZKŽ can allow access to certain content only to registered Users. By registering on this Website, the User is obliged to go through the registration process, enter the true information, and choose a username and password.

TZKŽ reserves the right to terminate or deny the possibility of using the user account and / or one or more services for which the user is registered, without prior notice and / or explanation.

TZKŽ is not liable for damage caused by the termination of the user account and / or one or more services for which the User is registered, as well as for damage caused by unauthorized use of the user account by third parties.

Salvation clause

If any provision of these Terms of Use is subsequently found to be null and void, that fact shall have no effect on the other provisions of these Terms of Use that remain valid.

Dispute resolution and applicable law

All possible disputes related to these Terms of Use, including disputes related to its origin, content or termination, will be resolved amicably, and in case they fail to do so, they agree on the jurisdiction of the competent court in Rijeka.

These Terms of Use have been drawn up in accordance with Croatian law and Croatian law applies to them and to disputes arising from them without applying the provisions of Croatian law on reference to a third law (renvoi) to the extent permitted by international law.

Changes to the Terms of Use

TZKŽ reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time and is not and will not be liable for any possible consequences arising from such changes. These changes take effect on the day of publication on this website.

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