Dear fellow citizens, dear visitors,

Križevci Tourist Board conscientiously and responsibly monitors the situation and the advice of the competent institutions related to the safety and protection of the health of the population. On this page you can find basic information and advice about coronavirus if you are traveling or currently in the Republic of Croatia.


For the protection and safety of all, please adhere to the following daily measures:

Physical distance of at least 2 meters:

• in public areas

• in shops, public institutions, tourist activities and other public gathering facilities

• in open areas Implementation of enhanced hygiene measures indoors and outdoors, personal hygiene and the use of disinfectants

Mandatory use of protective masks for: employees of health care institutions and persons visiting patients, if visits are allowed drivers, other employees in public transport and passengers in public transport commercial employees and customers during their stay in stores employees in the hospitality industry who come into contact with guests or participate in the serving and preparation of food, beverages and beverages employees of companies, institutions and institutions that work with clients and clients who come to those companies, institutions and institutions employees in service industries where close contact is made and other persons who are obliged to do so by special instructions and recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.


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