St. Vincent Day

According to folk customs on the day of St. Vinka, on January 22, the winegrowers go to the vineyards and cut two or three twigs with three buds which are then placed in a cup of water by the window. For some time, the vine chases the buds, then the small clusters on the basis of which the winegrower determines whether the year will be fertile and fertile.

The ceremony, which takes place outdoors in the vineyards in the area of Križevci and Kalnički prigorje, is attended by the host and the bishop, cupbearer, bell ringer, singers and tamburitza players, and the vine is decorated with sausages that symbolize the fertility of the future harvest. The first part of the ceremony is performed outdoors in the vineyard, and the second takes place in the cellars or wine cellars with a good drink, homemade antique dishes and drinks.

Date of the event

23 January 2022.


Vinogradi i klijeti

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