St. Martin day

Every year at the beginning of November, wine lovers, winemakers and winegrowers come into their own – another wine-growing year ends with the baptism of must into young wine. Let this be an opportunity for us to have fun, socialize and enjoy a good drink this year as well.

After the godfather is chosen as the godfather, the wine bishops and ministers will invoke the blessing according to a written ritual and baptize the must into wine that will invigorate the soul and body. We invite you to the solemn ceremony of the baptism of the young wine in Križevci. Our St. Martin masters will take care of the top entertainment and plenty of laughter with a special must baptism ceremony. Everyone gathered will be able to try the wines of many local winegrowers, as well as homemade cakes, cracklings and cured meat products.

The event is organized by the Association of Winemakers and Vineyards “Bilikum” Križevci, the Tourist Board of the City of Križevci and the City of Križevci.

Date of the event

11 November 2021.


Vinogradi i klijeti

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