Great Križevci Spravišče

A traditional folk festival and a three-day cultural-historical event held in mid-June for over five decades. It is based on a legend from the 14th century that tells of the reconciliation of Križevci citizens and Kalnik plum nobles.

Back in 1242, before the Mongol invasion, King Bela IV took refuge with his army under the auspices of the walls of Kalnik, a town situated on the slopes of Kalnik. The persistence of the Mongol army to penetrate into the interior of the walls and defeat the king’s army was thwarted by the peasants of Kalnik who fed the brave soldiers with domestic plums. The strong fruit gave the king’s soldiers the strength to endure to the end and repel the Mongol attack. That is why Bela IV conferred noble titles to all the peasants who helped. The move angered the citizens of Križevci, whose rage lasted for years until the accidental marriage of a Kalnik plum grower and a local girl from Križevci. Their wedding was a key moment of reconciliation.

Today, the people of Križevci and Kalnik are performing a stage show of that event. With the play, the keys to the city are handed over to the town judge and the three days of the general celebration begin.  

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