The oldest preserved civic building in Križevci, with an irregular “U” floor plan. It used to be a Pauline inn, the first public pharmacy in the city, and later a famous inn.

Since 1961, the City Museum has been located here, showing the cultural and historical development of the city and the area, archeological finds, documents, ethnographic objects and valuable works of art in several permanent exhibition rooms. Next to the museum, there is a small ethnopark. Marking the 700th anniversary of the proclamation of Križevci as a free royal city, a native collection was opened in 1952, which later turned into a Museum and ten years later moved into the building of the so-called a Pauline inn, the building in which it is still located today.

Today, the City Museum, with its permanent and occasional exhibitions, as well as various and numerous events in its premises, has become an unavoidable place for every visitor who, passing through the Museum, gets acquainted with the richness of this “city of history, culture and Križevci statutes”.

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